A Woman to Have

Where do I start?

Oh yes! From the beginning – the one I know! The one that could have passed for happiness or joy, if only her eyes were not too eloquent, so as to reveal an idly lurking grief! If only her smile didn’t pan off as muted; silenced like a two-month-old baby gagged with a pacifier.

But even though she smiled like a flower blossoming to life, she remained very close to tears.

There she sat under the light on a pale plastic seat, her hands rested helplessly on a cracked third generation table that barely stood still.

Time had been cruel to it but it still tolerated all tribes of beer, Even impatient horny drunks! A rainbow of cracks formed its tough look but there was a lingering sadness foaming on her silhouettes that made it hard to believe she has known happiness before.

See, the smile on her face is not that convincing, be it beautiful as it may.

It dazzles but speeds off to reveal a bottomless emptiness. Not like any you have seen before. A far cry for salvation, a loud articulate look!

Her lips don’t move but her face speaks, not too loud though, her infectious smile wouldn’t let it. But if you look closer, if you listen; you can hear a troubled soul detained in the abyss of nothingness that she is, wailing like a trapped animal; calling out like a hawker of eggs or pancakes,

– SOS!

On that particular night, a calm wind traversed Wandegeya, but loud music from nearby bars fleeced the night of its tranquility, taking away its innocence. It’s from them that the night drew themes, Reggae Night, Ladies Night, and so on!

It smelt like death there. The kind that stews from sex! It felt like the edge of civilization too.

Not far from there, uphill, stood the oldest death trap disguised as a hospital. It has killed more people than it has saved and that is a reality many people take to a bar such as this one, and binge drink away.  Given the number of grieving souls, the numerous bars around the hospital were if not a blessing, a well thought business model. Misery commands a certain kind of company, the kind that embodies brownish bottles before it froths.

The neighborhood reeked of destitution; buildings scattered and dilapidated like a politician just passed through. Like an African government just moved from there!

But this is no ordinary town; not your ideal neat and spruced locale!

This is not Muyenga or Bunga! Far from either actually!

It is Kabalagala yet to be canonized.

It is Katanga!

The roads here are stained with numerous patches of brown holes, deep enough to mimic a Jacuzzi. When the rains come, it’s one giant Jacuzzi that slithers deep and endlessly. Suffice to say, it’s a holster of wetness, the swimming part of the Olympics could be hosted here.

I have been here before. I will not lie; this is a familiar sight for me. Perhaps even the only one I know.

The filth laden roadsides, the brimming drainage, dead animals on the isolated tarmac and soiled air, are all like dew to my mornings.

But the environment does very little to deter me from my mission.

She said she would be at JB Plaza at a nameless bar where all the big names go to belch and laugh at each others’ wives.  I remember the place from all the mugging tales that were told by friends who walked through as they tried to find a shortcut to Mulago.

They often had to bank their money inside their underwear and that didn’t even guarantee safe passage.Sometimes they were frisked to the bone marrow.

And sometimes beyond, into their livelihoods!

“It’s those desolate mechanics with their oil fluxed hands that rob us at scrap point,” they would deduce.

Now, if this sounds like a place you know or a familiar neighborhood, you have ‘sin’ it all my friend, even that which you didn’t deserve to see in this lifetime.

But you have never seen her, the lady that brings me here; the lady that beguiles my wits and chimes bliss.

But that makes two of us, neither have I!

White light refracted off her face. Beautiful or otherwise, your guess is as good as mine. No one has ever been proclaimed beautiful from a side view, which is where I was viewing my company for the evening.

Her lips nipped together, glossy, tangible and wet….

The ones I could see,

The ones her face bore,

She appeared consumed in a worrisome gait and a timid armor cast overhead. But even then, a pulsating allure of intrigue weighed around her neck like a pendant.

This is it, I whispered carelessly to myself for the night’s winds to spread rumors of my arrival. But she wouldn’t turn around to signal that she was expecting someone. Her sleek gadget that appeared to cost more than all my body organs combined had her undivided attention!

I was staring at the reason I was in this area and I couldn’t find the courage to walk up to her and impress her with my bewitching accent and sex appeal.

Before I could activate my balls and walk up to her, a tall lean and largely muscled  guy walked up to her.

The smile she gave him, I wished for myself. The kiss she gave him, I dared to steal for myself.

Even though she had decoded the moose code to my loins, she was another man’s woman.

And sadly she’ll never know that she is the woman to have!


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